There's nothing scarier than realizing you're trapped in a life you were never meant to live.

If you're anything like me, you chose the law because you wanted to make a difference.  

You saw yourself fighting the good fight and succeeding in every area of your life but, if you're honest, your life isn't exactly shaping up the way you thought it would.  

Each day feels like an uphill battle. Between being on call 24/7, dealing with demanding bosses and clients, and not feeling inspired by your work, it can be easy to start questioning why you ever decided to go to law school in the first place.  

Here's the good news... 

Contrary to everything you've been led to believe, it’s entirely within your power to take control and shape your future career into one that’s both rewarding and fulfilling.  

Even if you're not sure what you want or how you could ever find a job that offers as much money, flexibility, credibility (whatever your go-to excuse, insert it here...), there's a process you can follow that will help you figure out what's possible for you.  

I know because I've been in your shoes.  

Hi, I'm Heather Hubbard

I'm an attorney and strategic advisor.  

Not so many years ago, I was where you most likely are right now… Overworked, exhausted, and on the brink of burnout.  

At the time I was working as a partner and litigation practice group leader at an AmLaw 200 firm.  

Like most lawyers I knew, I was working around the clock representing clients, supervising my team, and networking to win new business. I was really good at my job and, in many ways, I loved it. 

Becoming a successful entertainment and IP attorney working on high-profile cases was what I'd been working towards ever since I walked into class on my first day at Vanderbilt Law School.  

Given my humble beginnings, I couldn’t have been prouder of my accomplishments.  

And yet I still felt like something was missing.  

Discounting these uneasy feelings, I ignored all the warning signs and forged ahead with the singular focus I'd always relied on.  

Even when my health was suffering and my marriage seemed to be over, I just kept pushing through. My personal life may have been in shambles, but I always had my game face on at work.  

And then in an instant my life changed.  

On the way to my practice group's holiday party, I got the phone call no one wants to receive.  

It was my brother, delivering the terrible news that our eighteen-year-old step sister, Amanda, had suddenly died in a car wreck.  

My life would never be the same again and my perspective changed forever.  

I began to question everything.  

What was I doing with my life? Did I have a purpose? If my life was cut short, would I have regrets? Was I fully living the life I wanted? Was I happy?  

Every question I had tried to ignore for years came into full view.  

As I continued on this seemingly endless soul-searching journey, it slowly became apparent... 

I was living the life that was expected of me, not the one meant for me.  

Being a partner and firm leader was what I had always wanted and worked so hard for but something wasn't right.  

I had changed.  

As I started to question my career path and consider alternatives, it frightened my friends and family.  

Did it really make sense to walk away from such a lucrative career? They didn’t think so.  

Even considering the possibility that a legal career was no longer fulfilling was terrifying. I'm not kidding when I say that I was eight years old when I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer. I’d never wanted to be anything else.  

And, of course, every time I flirted with the idea of leaving to start my own business, those invisible golden handcuffs around my wrists became even tighter.  

The safe and responsible thing to do was to stay put and keep climbing the corporate ladder.  

I decided to stay but I knew there would have to be some changes.  

For the first time in my legal career, I made a commitment to start doing things that were important to me, not just my firm.  

Since I'd never taken a real vacation where I wasn’t tied to a phone the entire time, my husband and I decided to go on the trip we’d always wanted to take and we took off on the trip of a lifetime to Tanzania.  

We were on safari during the Great Migration and across this wild and beautiful oasis I was able to witness life in its most natural form.  

I don't know it if was the breathtaking landscape, the primitive way of living or the tide-like movement of a million animals, but everything was finally stripped down and my deepest desires came into view.  

At that moment on the Serengeti, I knew I was meant for so much more than being a partner in BigLaw. 

What I really wanted to do was to make a difference in the lives of others.  

To impact the world in a truly profound way.  

I wasn’t sure what that looked like yet but I was determined to find out.  

Eight months later, I left my firm to start my own company. 

I loved the law but I was done. I wanted to spend my time doing work that was more meaningful and fulfilling, and I realized that the legal career I'd worked so hard for was actually the biggest thing holding me back. The partners at the firm and many of my friends thought I'd lost my mind and, at first, they didn't believe I was serious. But I was.  

Sure, there were risks and it was a little scary but I'd spent four long years doing the work needed to uncover my true calling. So, when I decided to leave, I was able to do so confidently.  

There was absolutely no question in my mind that I was making the right move.  

Of course, it didn't start off that way.  

It started with an uneasiness that something was missing and then the realization that I was no longer happy in my career - the one I'd worked so hard to build.  

If you're experiencing that same uneasiness, that same feeling of frustration and confusion, I want you to know there's hope.  

Maybe you don't trust yourself to make the next move alone because you've ignored your gut in previous job searches, wound up getting burned, and don't want to make the same mistake twice.

Perhaps you've been working your butt off to secure a promotion at your firm but you're starting to question whether advancement is likely – or even desired.  

Or maybe you feel like you're one deposition away from leaving the law altogether but want to make sure you've considered all your options first. 

Wherever you're at right now, I want you to know that I get it. And while it took me four long years to figure out what I really wanted, with my help it doesn’t have to be the same for you.  

It all starts with...  

Legal Career Clarity is a six-week program for attorneys like you, who are searching for a more satisfying career.  

Each week I'll deliver a new training that will encourage you to step back and critically assess what's possible for you, based on the unique talents and strengths you already possess, as well as what you really want from your career.  

Once you've gotten to the roots of your dissatisfaction with your current role, I'll help you decide whether you should stay and make a go of it or start looking elsewhere for another role.  

If you decide to stay, I'll equip you with the strategies you need to make your time at your current role more bearable (and maybe even enjoyable!).  

And if you decide it's time to move on, I'll walk you through the steps you need to take to ensure you don't just wind up working in a different office and feeling exactly the same way. 

Already know you want in? 

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Here's what we'll be covering each week... 

Week One

Passion? Purpose? Legacy?

What’s driving your legal career?

This week you'll re-discover why you decided to become a lawyer in the first place and, if you had a clean slate, what factors would be most important to you now.

Week Two

As an attorney you have many options available to you. In fact, hundreds of roles could be right for you. To fully understand your opportunities, you need to uncover your strengths and talents, not just look at your skillset and abilities. This week, we’ll uncover them all.  

We'll also take a peek at your weaknesses and you'll complete a full resume audit in order to identify the common pain points that will keep coming up for you throughout your career, unless you take action to address them head on.

Week Three

Job fit isn't just about finding a role that plays to your strengths -- it's also about finding an organization that's a good cultural fit. Whether you know them or not, your intrinsic and extrinsic motivators and core values are what you must leverage in order find the right role, in the right specialty.  

Once you have these things clear in your mind, you'll know the right questions to ask during interviews to assess whether potential new opportunities will be a good fit. You'll also understand whether the job will keep you motivated and engaged for the long term.

Week Four

Much like house hunting, when it comes to evaluating future positions, you need to know how to separate which factors are completely non-negotiable from those that are simply desirable.

Stepping back and considering what you say you want versus what you really want will help you make tough decisions related to leaving or staying.

Week Five

When you've been trained in a specific area or practiced a certain kind of law for years -- if not decades! -- it's hard to consider what might be possible for you outside of that environment.

There's a big wide world out there and this week, you'll learn about all the options so you can decide whether any of them feel like a fit for you.  

Week Six 

This week you'll pull together everything you've learned into a one-page career guide that will help you assess whether future opportunities are really right for you.

If your gut tells you to stay in your current role, you'll create a plan for enhancing your current level of job satisfaction and evaluating promotion opportunities when they arise. However, if you decide it's time to go, you'll be equipped with everything you need to move forward confidently.

Figuring out what you want is one thing -- making it happen is quite another.

To help you overcome some of the most common job search challenges, I'm bringing in a team of guest experts to help make your next steps as straightforward as possible. 

  • Bonus #1: Working With a Recruiter with Kirsten Franklin  

Kirsten graduated from law school in 2001 before starting her legal recruiting career and opening her own company in 2010.  

Since then, Kirsten has helped those who are just entering the workforce as well as those who have been in their careers for over 30 years to facilitate major career changes.  

In this illuminating presentation, Kirsten reveals how to build a mutually supportive, two-way relationship with your recruiter so they can network on your behalf and find you your ideal next role.  

  • Bonus #2: Perfecting Your Resume & Written Application Materials with Amy Gardner

Before beginning her coaching and consulting career as a founding partner at Apochromatik, Amy was an associate at Skadden, a partner at a mid-size Chicago law firm, and served as a Dean of Students at the University of Chicago Law School.  

Her depth of experience in a variety of legal settings makes her uniquely positioned to help you stand out in a crowded field. If some time has passed since you last submitted your resume, then you’ll want to make sure you’re up to speed with how best to present your career history confidently and persuasively so your resume lands on top of the pile.  

  • Bonus #3: Interviewing Tips with Keith Sbiral  

Keith has an extensive background in leadership and management overseeing numerous departments and projects. In addition to being a founding partner of Apochromatik, a coaching and consulting company, he's also the City Manager for a Chicago suburb.  

In this bonus training, Keith will share insights from his hiring experience by walking you through to how to put your best foot forward and ask the right questions in the right way to ensure your future employers are the best possible fit for you.  

No fluff or filler -- just highly actionable, tried-and-tested strategies that get proven results.  

There's nothing I love more than to see the clients I work with getting results. That said, I know better than anyone that you don’t have time to waste.  

I've made sure that every video lesson inside of Legal Career Clarity is streamlined and gets to the point fast.  

One more thing…  

From personal experience, I know how hard it can be to make the decision to leave a job and move onto the next. It's even harder when you work in a highly political, competitive environment and don't know who you can and can't trust.  

When you enroll in Legal Career Clarity you'll have access to all the support you need to evaluate your next steps and you can do so with complete and total anonymity.  

Having a career you love is worth way more than your law degree!

"If you are looking to make a change or even just get started in your career, this is a good way to figure out what careers will be most sustainable for you based on what you want. It is important to revisit what motivates you and what is important to you in a career because those things can change. This course is a great guide to analyzing those things.” - Claudia B.

"After taking the course, I have a better understanding of myself and why I've been unhappy in previous jobs. I was afraid that I wouldn't find out anything that I didn't already know, but I definitely learned more about myself and consider it was totally worth the investment." - Sonia B. 

Here's everything you'll receive when you enroll in Legal Career Clarity:  

  • Six weeks of highly actionable video lessons to strategically guide you through the process of determining what's the best career for you
  • Downloadable companion worksheets for each week's lessons to help you quickly move into action and apply your learning to your unique situation
  • Bonus #1: Working With a Recruiter
  • Bonus #2: Perfecting Your Resume & Written Application Materials
  • Bonus #3: Interviewing Tips  

What Others Have to Say

"A major realization for me was how much about my current job that I actually liked and valued. I would definitely recommend this as a starting point for someone who was seeking clarity about where to take their legal career next.” - Jennifer E.  

"If you need help getting unstuck, this will help!" - Nancy H. 

"If you are unhappy in your job and are unsure, why not take this course and find out.” - Christie L.

"The Career Clarity Course will give you tools to direct your career within your current workplace or to find a more rewarding position elsewhere. I was pleased that the course provided tools and insights into ways to try to make your current job a better fit." - Jennifer B.

How does the program work?

As soon as you enroll in Legal Career Clarity, you'll have instant access to the week one materials so you can get started right away.  

Each lesson is comprised of a series of short video tutorials. There are also downloadable companion worksheets to help you apply your learning to your career as you work through the course.  

Got a question? Your answer may well be in the FAQ's below…

I've never taken an online course like this. How does it work?

When you enroll in Legal Career Clarity, you'll have instant access to the first week's materials so you can get started right away.  

Each week is comprised of a series of short video lessons with downloadable companion worksheets to help you apply your learning to your own career as you work through the course.  

All the course content along with the bonuses is housed in a private membership site, just for Legal Career Clarity members -- you'll receive your login credentials immediately after signing up. 

Will it work? Will Legal Career Clarity really help me find my dream job?

I wish I could categorically tell you that Legal Career Clarity will definitely work for you but I just can’t make that claim. Why? Because the truth is, I have no idea what you’ll do with this content once you've invested in it.  

But having used the strategies that I teach in this course myself and having used them with hundreds of lawyers in similar situations to where you are right now, I know that they work.  

If you show up and do the work, I have no doubt that they'll work for you, too. 

Can I hire you to coach me one-on-one?

No. Right now the only way to work with me one-on-one is through my high-level mastermind or a private strategy day.  

At $499, Legal Career Clarity contains all the practical information you need to move forward at a fraction of the investment required to work with me as described above.  

It's not a good time for me right now. Can I join later?

When you see something that you know you need, it’s easy to think to yourself, I’ll put this off until a "better" time. The only trouble is, no such time exists and before you know it, you’ve wasted years and you're still frustrated and dissatisfied.  

Part of my role as your strategic advisor is to hold you to the same high standards that I hold for myself and encourage you to take decisive action.  

That's why I only offer Legal Career Clarity for a few days after the video series -- to help you decide quickly whether it's the right option for you, so you don't procrastinate and avoid making a decision.  

Although the program is designed with busy attorneys in mind, you'll have lifetime access to the materials so you can get started whenever the time is right and go at your own pace.  

I'm just not sure I'm ready to make this investment…

When it comes down to it, the question of whether Legal Career Clarity is worth the investment is really up to you.  

Of course, you could find thousands of articles online containing conflicting or differing advice and guidance and then spend endless hours sifting and sorting through them.  

Or you could make a one-time investment in Legal Career Clarity and receive lifetime access to the exact steps I used to transform my career and with it, my job satisfaction.  

The bottom line is this:  

When you decide to join me, you're investing in more than just an online program - you're investing in your future. 

I'm enrolled! What happens next? 

As soon as you've enrolled, you'll receive an email from me welcoming you to the program, containing all the details you'll need to access the online portal and your week one materials.  

If you're ready to step into the life and legal career of your dreams, I'm here to guide you each step of the way.  

Enroll in Legal Career Clarity for just $499 today.